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Best Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

peanut butter jar on cutting board

I’ll be showing you all today beautiful ways to make the best peanut butter cookies. This dough would be ready in nothing but ten minutes. 

Ingredients for this Peanut butter cookie Recipe 

  1. Salt 
  2. Baking Soda 
  3. Baking Powder 
  4. Flour 
  5. Eggs
  6. Vanilla extract 
  7. Peanut butter 

Steps to take to make this lovely Peanut Butter Cookie recipe 

You need to mix all the dried ingredients to begin. It would be best if you mix your salt, baking soda, baking powder, and flour. Then it would be best if you creamed your sugars and butter together. You need to make sure that your butter is quite astonishing when you touch it. It is not melted or warm. It would be best if you used room temperature butter. You should also make use of more amounts of granulated sugar instead of brown sugar. When you make chocolate chip cookies, use more brown sugar because this would create a very soft cookie. No one likes eating hard cookies, trust me. When you’re making peanut butter cookies, you should know that peanut butter already presently makes the cookies as soft as they can be. Using higher amounts of brown sugar would make them very soft. They’ll be so soft they can even fall apart—so much good living. 

Next, you should beat in your eggs, add vanilla extract and your peanut butter. 

Then merge your wet and dry ingredients. 

You should chill your cookie dough. Chilling your cookie dough is very important. This dough is quite thick. You don’t need lots of time for it to be in your refrigerator. Putting it in the fridge for about an hour would reduce the rate at which your cookies would remain spread.

You should roll your cookies into shapes of balls and then pour some sugar sprinkles all around them. Each dough should be about one point five tablespoons. You should roll each of these into granulated sugar just for you to get another extra sparkly crunch. 

It would be best if you also indented some fork marks on top of this to get your classic criss-cross peanut butter cookie shapes. 

Don’t stop baking till you have set edges. Make sure these stay like this for about twelve minutes. 

From this point, you can put your peanut butter on their baking sheets for about fifteen minutes. You can add criss-cross to these peanut butter cookies using a fork. 

My thoughts on these best peanut butter cookie Recipe

I’m a huge fan of pastries. I think that’s why I have a big tummy. I rarely exercise, but when I do, I go all the way. It’s all good, though. One of these days, I’ve got to try this recipe. Let me help myself with what I’ve written because life is only one. I might reduce the amount of sugar, though, because I’m not a massive fan of a lot of added sugar. I’ll put a little bit here and a tad bit there for the balance, of course. I’ll love to see photos of your cookies, though. Later Boo.