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Coconut oil is now finding ways into the kitchen mostly these days, it is very heart-healthy than other oils, and is becoming one of the favorite oils that chefs are finding themselves using for most of their dishes but before you throw away your olive oil, vegetable oil, butter, you have to know how to use it properly.

Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats of about 90% other than olive oil that is just 10%, this helps to produce good cholesterol that is easily processed in the body. It is solid at room temp and turns liquid when heated, the coconut oil is manufactured from the inner white flesh of the coconut fruit, they are picked from the coconut tree and left to be mature the fresh is later ground and filtered, then it is put in a jar where it is left to settle and turn to oil. Coconut oil has different uses from food to skincare, we are going to focus on the food. Be sure you buy the pure virgin one because it was pressed several times and it’s of very high quality.

You may mistake coconut oil for coconut butter because they look familiar but they are very different, coconut oil was extracted from the flesh of the coconut while the coconut butter can be also made from the meat of the coconut if coconut better is placed in a jar the oil will go to the top of the jar as other nut kinds of butter will do, coconut butter can be used instead of normal butter, jam, or spread for your foods and it can be taken from the jar but the coconut oil is meant for cooking.

Coconut oil can be wildly used for different kinds of things like searing, frying, and sauteing, you can even try to make popcorn with it, it is so delicious. And in terms of baking, it is way better and healthier than butter and some other oils like olive oil, vegetable oil, and other liquid room temperature oil, but can’t do the job like butter will do. If you want to try baking with it you should try a recipe that needs a coconut scent on it. Butter has more water content and melting point than coconut oil, you can not exchange it regularly.

Coconut oil is termed virgin oil while olive oil is seen as extra virgin because of the process of being pressed of olives, and are found out to be thicker and has more viscosity and are made less acidic than the other kinds of olives oils but the coconut oil is not graded like that it is just referred to as virgin or normal and can be put in a jar after one pressing.