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How to Cut a Papaya

This article would be talking about teaching you how to properly cut a Papaya. I’m sure you all know what a Papaya is. If you don’t, it is also popularly known as a Paw Paw. 

List of steps you need to follow if you want to cut a Papaya properly.

You need to select a ripe Papaya.

If you have a ripe Papaya, the skin would change from green to yellow. If Papaya is ripe, you should press your thumb into the flesh and it’ll press a little bit inwards. If it is not ripe, it would be quite hard. 

Papayas typically ripen fast when you put them in a paper bag along with other fruits that produce ethylene like bananas and apples. 

Cut the Papaya Into Two 

Place your Papaya on a cutting board. Making use of a very sharp knife. You can cut the Papaya into two halves. 

Open your Papaya 

After you have cut your Papaya Into two, then you should separate it into about two sections. 

Scrape out all of the seeds using a spoon.

Making use of a very big spoon, you could scape out these seeds. You should try very hard not to deeply put the spoon inside. You could lose a whole lot of the fruit using your spoon unless you do all of it carefully. If it is too ripe then it would cause a horrible problem. 

You do not need to toss these seeds. Several different people throw them out. These Papaya seeds are edible. Putting them in your diet would help you in more ways than you know. They are not so sweet but they would do you a lot of good. They have a very strong flavor. Their flavor is like the mixture of black peppercorns and mustard. 

You should scoop the fruit out and then eat it.

You should enjoy your Papaya fruit by using a spoon. You could also create melon balls using a melon ball scoop or using an ice cream scoop. 

There are several ways to prepare, slice, and present your Papaya. 

You can Make and Peel your Papaya Into Wedges or Cubes 

For you to peel this Papaya, you should hold your fruit in vertical form and then run your knife down along the skin in very long slices. You should not try to slice too deep. You could end up losing your entire fruit. 

What do I think about the Methods Listed above on cutting Papaya?

I’m not a Papaya fan. Like, I’m sorry to say, it looks, feels gross. Like why is it all Dancy Dancy? I do not like it, I don’t enjoy it. But the methods listed above for someone that does not know how to cut Papaya seems quite okay. I know I’m not going to try it and I have not even a single desire to start liking Papayas. It’s just me. Pawpw is honestly not my thing. Quite sad yeah?