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How to make stuffed chicken wings

As a food lover, there is nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to get what you crave when you crave it or getting it but not tasting as good as you want. Today’s food choice is stuffed chicken wings. Is your palette watering already? Let’s get started.

Nothing is comparable to being able to make your food or snacks whenever you feel like it. You get to play around with ingredients and recipes till you find what suits you best. So today, we will be going through how to make stuffed chicken wings.

Are you looking for an appetizer or snack for game day, football match, indoor date, or just regular dinner? Then Chicken wings are one of the best go-to dishes. Stuffed baked chicken wings are tender filling and delicious. They are indeed a twist on a classic. 

For those of you that don’t know, Chicken wings can be fried, grilled, smoked, baked, and tossed in an endless number of sauces, rubs, and glazes, but eventually, all wings can be divided into two categories: Drums and flats. Drumslook like small chicken legs, with one main bone pushing through the midsection. Flats, or wingettes, as the name implies, because they’re, well, flat. They possess two smaller bones that run the length of the wing. They normally have lighter meat per wing than the drum but have a larger skin-to-meat ratio, so each bite is full with crispy skin & tasty sauce. 

How to make stuffed baked chicken wings 

Get your pans and ingredients folks, this is about to be your favorite new recipe! The wings should take approximately 35 minutes to cook. 

The ingredients include: 

Chicken wings,

Olive oil,

Onion powder,

Seasoning salt,

Poultry seasoning,

Smoked paprika,


Bread crumbs,

Crumpled bacon,

Italian season, 


Dry rosemary,

Celery flakes,

And any other preferred ingredient of choice. 

Instructions on how to make stuffed chicken wings 

Start by preheating the oven to 400 F, clean the chicken then loosen the skin around the drumette areas. Go ahead and toss all the ingredients needed for the stuffing in a bowl and mix until it is well combined. You can now stuff the drumettes or flats with the stuffing, but do not overdo it. The next step is to drizzle the chicken with olive oil, season the chicken with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and poultry seasoning to taste. After that, place a baking or cooling rack into a cookie paper, and cover it with nonstick spray. Proceed to put the chicken on the rack, bake the chicken for 25minutes or until you feel it is done. Your stuffed chicken wings are now ready to be served and enjoyed.