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How to Make the Perfect Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have a unique flavor that is difficult to describe, but you would recognize it when you taste it.  This is why there is nothing worse than when you bite into a sweet potato only to discover it is undercooked. Sweet potatoes can be dry and challenging, but you can make them perfectly tender every single time with a bit of kitchen magic. This is an easy recipe you can follow to create the perfect sweet potatoes so you can enjoy the excellent side dish of delicious home-baked potatoes.

What ingredients would you be needing?

  • Four neat sweet potatoes
  • Four tablespoons butter
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • One teaspoon Kosher salt

If you wish, you could add other toppings like yogurt or coconut oil. But at the primary level, these are all the ingredients you would be needing.


  1. The potatoes you chose must be uniform in size:

The potatoes you are going to be using need to be approximately the same size. The reason for this is to allow them to cook the same way. You won’t want so of your potatoes to taste undercooked.

  1. Wash and scrub!

We are hammering on this because while you want to prepare a delicious sweet potato to nourish yourself, a dirty potato may feed you with microbes and other things that could lead to you falling sick. To avoid this, wash and scrub your sweet potatoes many times till you are confident it is clean.

  1. Let the Potatoes dry

After washing, you would need to let the potatoes dry before you start working your magic on them. You might use a lint-free towel to clean your skin and make it dry.

  1. Oil the Potatoes

Adding oil to the potatoes will help make the potatoes flavorful. You could use either olive oil or coconut oil as they both are perfect for this purpose. Keep applying the oil on the skin of the potatoes till they are slippery.

  1. Salt the Potatoes

You don’t want to go without seasoning your potatoes. Salts are what make potato skin edible.  Any type of salt is acceptable, but we would recommend you use Kosher salt for this article.

  1. Poke the Potatoes

You do this so that when you start baking, steam trapped in the potatoes can escape. Just use a fork to make shallow holes all around the potatoes.

  1. Take the Potatoes to the oven.

Transfer your potatoes to the oven and leave them there and allow them to cook until they get tender when tested with a fork for about 15 minutes.

  1. Open them up

Do not allow the baked potatoes to stay for long after baking, as this could lead to the interior steam becoming dense. Instead, immediately after taking from the oven, make a slit on the skin of the potatoes up with a knife or fork, then carefully squeeze open. Now, your sweet potatoes are ready to visit your ever-thirsting buds.


Sure, you can buy sweet potatoes at the store, but nothing beats a baked sweet potato fresh off your oven. Only a few foods taste better than sweet potatoes, especially when it is baked right.