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How to Make Your Own Beer Recipe

person filling clear glass with liquid

When you’re a beginner at making beer, you tend to stick to the basics. There’s a heavy focus on the steps, the cleaning, the sterilization, the directions, and patience. There is very little room for creativity because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up, or you’ve simply never thought about it before. This is quite normal for beginners. It can be daunting to come up with your own beer recipe or to figure out how to make your own beer recipe. There’s nothing to be scared of, the people who created the beers you love all started as you did. When you look at it through this perspective, your fears should be assuaged. Creativity is wonderful, and you can create your very own beer recipe.

Okay, you’re inspired to create your own beer recipe, but you don’t know where to start? Let’s have a refresher course on how to make beer. You should know how to create beer; if you don’t, please click here then return once you’re done.

How to Make Beer (Refresher)

  1. You prepare your brewing equipment and sanitize your brewing equipment.
  2. You brew the beer.
  3. You let the mixture sit and ferment.
  4. You bottle the beer.
  5. You refrigerate the beer.
  6. You enjoy or sell the beer.

This is the basic outline for making beer. When you want to create a beer recipe, your focus lies in steps 1 and 2. If this is your first beer recipe, we’ll start small. Here’s what you’ll do. Here is how to make your own beer recipe.

  1. Find A Recipe You’re Comfortable With – The first step is to find a recipe you’re very comfortable brewing. This should be a recipe you have used successfully. This is to ensure you’re comfortable and secure using the recipe. If you start using a recipe you’re unfamiliar with; you might get confused or overwhelmed.
  1. Tweak the Recipe – You’re going to start off by tweaking that recipe or formula. You’ll grab a piece of paper and start writing down the recipe. Once you have the recipe in front of you, you’ll begin to tweak it. It is important to start with a small amount of beer as a trial run. There will be trial and error before you find the adjustments that work perfectly, hence why you should not brew a large amount of beer on your first try.
  1. Balance Between Specialty Grains and Base Malts – When you’re tweaking a beer recipe, you still want to follow the original structure. So, if the recipe you’re following says to add 70 percent base malt and 30 percent specialty grains, you’ll want to ensure you follow that structure. If you’re switching one specialty grain for another, it should still be that same amount. If you tamper with the balance, the results could be unpalatable.
  1. Fruit Additions and Spices – These are two ways you can completely change the taste of your beer. Spice may seem harmless, but it can overpower the taste of your beer really quickly; therefore, you’ll want to stick with a little spice. There are several ways to add fruit to your beer. You can purchase frozen fruit or simple sugars. Remember, the fruit goes in after primary formation.

We hope this article has adequately explained how to make your own beer recipe. Thank you for reading.