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Sugar-Free Meatloaf Recipe

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Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that naturally occurs in drinks and food, it is also the natural fuel used by the body in form of glucose. Sugar found in food is commonly referred to as Carb. Although Sugar can be very sweet it can also cause several health problems, these health problems include diabetes, headaches, risk of obesity and weight gain, tooth cavities, and more. Cutting down your sugar intake can have a lot of health benefits. It helps to reduce your risk of obesity, it also increases your ability to focus.

You may think that removing or reducing the amount of sugar in your food will on make it taste bland but that isn’t true. When done write preparing food with little to no sugar can still be very sweet. Remember the keyword here is when done right. The meal recipe is for a sugar-free meatloaf.


When preparing meatloaf you want to start by getting all your ingredients. For this recipe, you will need

. 1 pound of ground beef

. 2 onions

. 1 green pepper

. 2 eggs

. 1/4 cup of powdered cheese

. 1 garlic or garlic powder

. Sweetener

. Salt

. Black pepper

. Bacon

. Tomato sauce or sugar-free ketchup

Now that you have all your ingredients ready it’s time to mix them. Slice the green pepper, onions, and garlic(if you are not using garlic powder) into a bowl. Add the eggs, black pepper, cheese, salt along with the ground beef into the bowl. Mix them with your hands then form them into a loaf shape and place it on a meatloaf pan or baking tray. Cut the bacon into thin slices then place them on top of the loaf.

Rub the sugar-free catch-up or tomato source on top of the meatloaf. Glace the meatloaf with the sweetener. The sweetener replaces the brown sugar used in making regular meatloaf giving the meatloaf a yummy taste. For sweeteners, I suggest using NHC’s brand NOW Food’s Better Stevia Organic Sweetener packets for great taste without sugar. NHC also has tons of other good products you should check out. Back to the meatloaf, after adding the source rap the meatloaf with fuel papers. Prep the oven to about 450 degrees then place the meatloaf in it. Cook for about 1hour.

After it is done bring it out and let it cool down, you should have a nice tasting sugar-free meatloaf( remember the keyword “if done right”). The bacon you add should fill in for the breed crumbs used in a regular meatloaf as most bread drums have sugar in them. Not adding bread crumbs makes the meatloaf scattered and dry as the bread crumbs were supposed to retain the moisture and shape. The bacon fixes that because it gives off its juice while cooking keeping the meatloaf moist.That should be all, now you can enjoy your delicious sugar-free meatloaf without having to worry about the taste or getting fat. Here is another sugar-free meatloaf recipe you can try