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What can I eat in a cancer prevention diet?

Cancer is an ongoing pandemic on its own. Cancer is a disease where some of the cells in the body grow relentlessly and spread to other parts of the body. The body is made up of trillion cells of which Cancer can begin anywhere in the body. The human body forms new cells when the body needs them by growing and multiplying through the process of cell division. New cells take over from old cells when they are old and become damaged.

In the spirit of World cancer day, this article is going to discuss a cancer prevention diet as a way of contributing to the reduce your risk of Cancer campaign.

A cancer prevention diet is also known as an anti-cancer diet is an important step towards reducing the risk of cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that an individual should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily in the right quantities to maintain a healthy weight. Researchers also found out that certain foods can prevent cancer. 

Selecting anti-cancer foods at the grocery store may seem silly and it does not fully guarantee cancer prevention, but it is a good choice to help reduce the risk of having cancer. Let us examine some of the diet guidelines:

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that can be said to cut down the risks of having some types of cancer. Besides eating plant-based foods will leave no space for sugary foods. Anytime you crave sugary foods, eat vegetables and fruits instead.

A Mediterranean Diet 

A diet that offers foods that fight cancer is the Mediterranean diet. It focuses on plant-based foods like vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes, and nuts. Following a Mediterranean diet also means that you have to choose cancer-fighting foods like olive oil over butter and abandon red meat for fish.

Green Tea

It is advisable to sip tea throughout your day. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that is a part of a cancer-prevention diet. Green tea can help in preventing breast, pancreatic, liver, lung, esophageal, and skin cancer. According to researchers one cup of green tea contains between 100- 200milligrams of an anti-tumor ingredient.


The antioxidant lycopene which is in tomatoes may be more powerful than beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and vitamin E according to Research. Lycopene is enlisted as cancer-fighting good that is associated with protection against cancers like prostate and lung cancer. Cooking the tomatoes helps to release the lycopene and make it available for your body.


Snacking on grapes can be a good way to prevent cancer. Red grapes especially have seeds that contain superantioxidant activin. This cancer-fighting chemical is likewise found in red wine and red grape juice.  It may offer protection against heart diseases, cancer, and chronic degenerative diseases.

Garlic and Onions.

Garlic and onions have been the power to halt the formation of nitrosamines and powerful carcinogens that target many areas in the body usually the colon, liver, and breasts. The more flavourful the garlic and onion are, the additional chemically active sulfur compounds it produces. In other to prevent cancer, you might want to add garlic and onions to your diet.