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What is Soul Food?

Oh yeah, Soul food. When I got materials for this piece, I thought soul food would be like a psychological meal. Well, here’s to learning. 

For you to try and differentiate soul food from Southern meals shouldn’t be that difficult. Not all southern meals are thought of as soul food. But all types of food are from the south part of the world. 

Soul Food Definition 

Soul food is cuisines that are ethnic. They are prepared traditionally, and they are eaten By African Americans that live in the southern part of the United States.

Soul food and its term came from the middle of the 1960s. The word Soul was the word that was usually used to explain African-American culture. At the core of all of this, soul food is fundamental. It is just cooking done at home, and it has been passed down from one generation to the next. It has a lot of its roots from the south.

Which types of food can be classified as Soul Food?

The typical meals that could be known as Soul Food include greens, beans, cornmeal that’s used as coatings for fried fish, Johnny cakes, and hush puppies. We also have pork. Pork has always been available because the uses in soul food are quite a lot. There are stews to veggies seasoned to pickling staples like pork, pig ears, and feet. We have smoked meat like turkey, too, as Soul Food.

During the Slave Transatlantic trade, African people enslaved were given food rations with low nutritional value and quality. We should not have to take this horrible stigma brought to us straight from our front door. The fried chicken was taken to America in the 1900s by Immigrants from Scottish. People of color changed it and made it look nice using collard greens. These collard greens serve as the ancestors to the cabbage family members, also deep into the history and those that got dated back from prehistory period. We also have people from Greek that grew collards and kale too. In South Carolina, collards became an official vegetable there.


So there we have it. Now we know about Soul Food, where it is front and the type of meals or the staples that make up soul food. Soul food, apart from the fact that it is gotten from the southern part of the United States, several different people consume soul food. And soul food has ingredients that are sold at practically any place. Though the techniques used in cooking these meals have advanced and all, there are seniors, especially those who are people of color in the United States that still prefer eating authentic soul food. Using the exact ingredients as those that were used back in the 1900s. These are the reasons these ingredients are even grown to date. All to preserve the history of these people that have suffered as no one has. Being a warrior is not easy but look, we still write about them.